Actif Plus for Flattening , Glossing and Silkening !

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Bamboo extract & Phytokeratin

Bamboo extract is well known for its skin and scalp soothing properties which foster greater circulation in the scalp which strengthens follicles and promotes the growth of thicker hair.

Actif Plus 


Stimulates hair growth, shine the coat, add volume and prevents hair loss
Active Phytokeratin is a vegetable derived keratin which is made by blending free amino acids derived from wheat, corn and soy. It augments the free amino acids naturally present in the skin & in the hair, giving the skin & coat a soft, healthy, moist appearance.

Actif Plus  lotion 

It's an effective straightening treatment to protect the hair before iron.
Shampoos that contain bamboo extract are good at washing away dead skin cells and other unwanted agents that can build up on hair strands. By playing a role in removing a build-up of pollutants, body oils, and chemicals on the hair, bamboo extract can also add a natural shine and luster to your pet coat. 

 for Flattening , Gloss and Silkening

This is a luxury care!

Actif Plus Shampoo 

-Enriched with vegetable keratin and bamboo extract
-Repair the fur deeply for a luxurious treatment
-Provide volume & shine ideal for '' show '' dog

Active ingredients:

Vegetable Silk protein - vegetable Keratin protein - bio Bamboo leaf extract - Rice protein extract  


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Active Plus Lotion   

-Rich in silica, vitamin B-5 and enriched with vegetable keratin.
-Detangling aid & provides shine, ideal for dogs show.
-Provides volume & holding without weighing down the coat

Active ingredients:

bio Broccoli seed oil - Wheat protein - bio Bamboo extract - Phytokeratin - Vitamin B-5 - Rice protein

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