AnimaSoin Bio Open Door !

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Door Open


Few companies open their doors and gives access to all their workshops so ... I put the demo schedule bellow:)

Come and meet us and take advantage of it,  shop on site,
Draw & surprise for all !!!! production demonstration advice and consultation.

at 11 h 30 -  1 hr 30 there will be demonstration of product manufacture, which I do not know yet but will be determined shortly.


The AnimaSoin Bio Or AnimaBio Care is the result of ''Les Cosmétiques Beauté dans l'âme '' , we offer natural products, organic and high quality for dogs, cats and horses. Each product meets the needs of all animals.

The professional range of products animasoinbio offer you is a complete set of specialized products adapted to the needs of each one.

All our products are free of chemical components, and designed from natural raw materials, certified organic and as fair as possible.

There is no animal component in our ranges and no compounds have been tested on animals.

Our products are affordable and the results are exceptional.

When ?  26 nov  &  27 nov

09:45 am  to 05:00 pm

Where ? 

221, rue Principale EFarnhamQC J2N 1L5

Because we are family!!


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