AnimaSoin Bio Organic Gift August 2018

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(Before taxes)

Between  75.00 à 150.00=125 ml de Therapist & 10 plants

Between 150 a 250$= 250ml of Therapist & 10 plants

Between 250 à 400 = 500 ml of Therapist & 10 plants

Between 400 et + =litrer of Therapist & 10 plants

The Therapist is a very mild shampoo that soothes irritation and itching while accelerating the healing of small wounds. Ideal for soothing allergies and for sensitive skin.

Le 10 Plants is a herbal shampoo to promote the renewal of skin cells and soothe inflammations and skin conditions. It is rather to avoid if sensitivity to plants.

comfrey *, lavender, calendula *, chamomile, oat, tilleuil *, 

Shop now and receive your samples; A great way to get to know each other while saving the planet!

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How can I get my promotion?

You must go to the Promo (Sales) item with the AnimaSoin Bio logo as a product to 'buy' and check the promotion corresponding to your purchase amount before taxes;) you can use the search tool to go faster if not here I have the link :))

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