Coffee for Dog??

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Can you Use Coffee to groom your dog?

I sometimes use the coffee grounds for the skin care of my clients. Of course its not to drink or lick !! But for the skin it does miracle ;) Did you know; Coffee is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus? As it can be picked up directly from coffee in the morning; it has become a very economical choice. loll ! The coffee grounds are a natural exfoliant; It can be useful for the exfoliation of blackheads and small brown dandruff before a skin care such as a shea treatment, coffee also deodorize the skin from bad smell; that's a usefull and natural advantage in grooming!

Coffee grounds; combined with Argan shampoo cleanses the skin, removes dead skin and nourishes the skin. The coffee grounds contain caffeine in quantity, which has draining properties and has a tightening effect. Combined with the action of the massage which stimulates the blood circulation,

use that kind of glove may help 


the result is guaranteed: its skin will be immediately firmer and tonic.


On a dark coat the pigment will enhance the shine and depth of brown to maroon colors, however, be careful with the light coat that may tarnish. Here is an ecological alternative to eliminate the use of plastic microbeads used in exfoliants found in our rivers and pollute the Oceans.

Together we will change the world a groom at the time!

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