Hair Cycling And the De-Shedding care

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here is 3 Phases explanations of the #Dog_hair cycling: all hair have 3 phases growth ( some time 4 when we talk about exogene phase) Anagen-catagen-( telogene -exogene ).

The hair of a dog does not grow continously, but in cycles, similar to our eyebrows. Anagen is the first phase, in which the hair is produced. The new hair grows along side the old hair, which is subsequently lost. Catagen is an intermediate stage in the cycle, and Telogen is the resting phase in which the follicle is basically dormant. The hair follicles are not all in the same phase at the same time:



The #deshedding cream of #AnimaSoin_Bio will oxygenate the bulb and blood flow to increase the telogene -exogene cycle but NOT provoke it . we do not play again nature but reinforce  it Also some cheep professional shampoo have petrolium scilicone and wax to shine over the coat . that can keep the catagene phase more longer by obstruct the pore skin, oxygenation & blood flow.

Also the thick mat fur can do that... be sure you open it carefully with Scissors thinning ! My trick is to use gadorade or dye empty bottle to spray product Behind the node. Massage to deeply soak in, the skin have to be in contact with the cream.

Continue to use organic shampoo and degreaser first to peel off the petroleum layer. you will see huge improuvement on hair texture, shedding and hair growth. When i owned my gooming salon ,my first shampoo where clay degreaser or big boy mix daily with De-Shedding cream... in my last shampoo (finishing ) i always mix a bit of shedding shampoo for all of my bouvier, bernies, golden, husky, Newfoundland.... keep the skin oxygenate and healthy shedding is more easy to go .

Think that sometimes dietary deficiencies in amino acid can cause problems of hair regrowth, even alopecia. If you are confronted with a significant hair loss that lasts in time think of advising a hypoallergenic food and start a treatment based on shea oil.

Shaving double coat can be a disaster especially because the top coat is not the same cycle than the undercoat, sometimes shave those can lead to alopecia depends on the hair cycle and telogen time remaining.

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