How to DeShedding with AnimaSoin Bio Canada!

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This is one of our best sellers! A complete natural deshedding system no lower back pain, no arms pain, quick looser: deshed 2 dogs at the same time! save the water quality by making a sustainable choice!
We recommend using the Deshedding  cream on long hair 
First step:

The DeShedding Cream 

Wet the dog (or the cat), spread The DeShedding Cream all over the coat; message to let it deepen penetrate by the skin. Wait 10 min. Rinse thoroughly.  Wash off with degreaser shampoo. Do a finishing shampoo. 

Active ingredients:

bio Sweet Almond oil - bio  Apricot kernels oil - bio Castor oil 
bio Macadamia oil - bio Avena Sativa

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* Public: See shedding regulator shampoo below!


For a big job full of mats;

mix it with Tucuma_asa, detangle cream

We recommend to mix the deShedding cream with the tucuma_asa, add 1 or 2 oz, to the deShedding cream message to let it deepen penetrate by the skin. Wait 10 min. Rinse thoroughly. Wash off with a degreaser shampoo. Do a finishing shampoo. The tucuma_asa is a blend of exotic butter and will increase the slipping quality and will work in symbiosis with the Deshedding cream.

Active ingredients: 

Vegetable Silk protein - bio Avocado oil - bio Tucuma seed butter 

bio Macadamia oil 

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The Shedding Regulator

A finishing Shampoo!

We recommend the Shedding regulator shampoo on a short coat, this shampoo is also a finishing shampoo. He also completes the deShedding care and his effective on short hair. This shampoo is gentle but powerful.

Active ingredients: 

bio Jojoba oil - bio broccoli seed oil - vegetable Silk protein - bio Aloes vera leaf


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Some groomer is pleased with just one of those ( deshed cream or shedding shampoo)  some others swear with both system the cream and the shedding shampoo. 

Tucuma_asa is a must but is no required ;) !


Of course, let's save some time and mix all together :

The degreaser + Deshedding cream + Tucuma_asa

Let's me show you how its work :

Please turn off the sound!! ;) 


See Available Degreaser Shampoo collection:

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