Not a skunk, not Again!

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Get ready for the next time!!!

SOS odor remover Shampoo & lotion is an Enzymatic Solution to get rid of any bad odor!

Why skunk smell so bad?

The skunk is a mammal primarily known for secreting a foul, noxious-smelling oily liquid from its anal glands and spraying it from its rear end when it feels threatened. The foul odor of the skunk spray can be attributed to the constituents of the liquid that is sprayed. The oily liquid consists of 7 major volatile organic components, which can be further divided into two groups of compounds: thiols and acetate derivatives of thiols. But don't worries we get natural solution!

1- First step : Do not wet the dog!

the water moistens the skin and penetrates the bad smell in the dermis and it is not what we wants. Instead, skunk oil should be absorbed as much as possible. Generously sprinkled the degreasing powder of AnimaBio Bio  or corn starch; to absorb and take off the skunk oil  as much as possible.

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How our enzymatic Lotion & Shampoo can help ?

The Sos odor remover is made with Enzyme Cleaning and Deodorizing Concentrate: made up of billions of natural fast acting bacteria that digests organic matter such as fats, carbohydrates, proteins, urea, etc. It works to remove all kind of odor and stains naturally. Organic (vegan) enzymes.

2- Generously spray the enzymatic lotion on the area, wait 20 to 30 minutes. Then do a sos odor remover shampoo.

The enzymes it contains will break the protein chains and will allow the shampoo to completely wash out the skunk oil. In my experience i wash off the first shampoo and redo a second one, let it work 20 min and wash off again. Dry with the sos odor remover lotion. 


Sos Odor Remover lotion  

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Sos Odor remover Shampoo

*Essential oils inside

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3- Now its time to clean the stinky smelly towel and mop the floor !!  Take the towels to the laundry add a cup of pure enzyme with your usually soap. Wipe the floor with: All Purpose Cleaner from Optimal Bio

Wash your floor with Optimal Bio:

With same powerful enzymes inside

combine with a powerful degreaser. Light smell.

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Pure Enzyme Concentratefor your laundry and stinky towel!

Put i cup in a laundry load with the stinky towel : let's soak

1 to 3 hours, wash like usually.

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Thank you for your trust, together we will save the planet and the oceans one grooming at a time!  
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Anima Soin Bio Canada promotes sustainable grooming, every order is handcraft on demand. In Fact, Anima Soin Bio Canada required 7 to 10 open days for production.
From the garden to your place! 


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