Technical Sheet - Ocean Breeze mask / Masque Brise Ocean

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By : Christine Flamand


Intensive Gentle treatment with marine active ingredients increased tenfold by the addition of an active ingredient that allows deep penetration and remineralizes the skin and hair and promotes healing of minor scratch.


1-Indication: animals with severe dryness of skin, gator type, on leather, dry scabs, soft, dry hair and skin full of film


2 - in applications after the first shampoo (degreaser), a minimum of 15-20 minutes with wrap is ideal, excellent after a clay combo


3-to suggest at least 2 weeks to start and space thereafter


4-contraindication: allergies to algae (extremely rare)


5-Synergy: with all ocean breeze range, and / or moderate moisturizing shampoo such as hemp, argan, clay combo


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