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Conservation of your products and our guarantee
By Christine Flamand, (CEO, les cosmetiques beaute dans l'ame)  

Tuesday 3 February 2015, 10:11

Rules for the conservation of health care products

In Bio, preserving our products is a real headache. The preservatives are very soft, so combinations must be used to make the products perform as long as possible. We remind you that at any time we offer a one-year warranty as soon as the container is opened and used, ie we give you the same product and the same original quantity. Nevertheless, we ask you to be very careful not to contaminate your products with, for example, a pump transfer from one gallon to another. Any transfer or handling requires prior disinfection with 99% alcohol (the new container, spatula, stoppers, funnel etc ...), dilutions, if necessary, must be made in small quantity usable very Cosmetics are often fragile products, which do not last forever and which can deteriorate rapidly if one is not careful.Cosmetics conservation is much more effective if one respects Some basic rules.


In general, it is important to be attentive to the smell, texture and color of your cosmetic products: this will keep you informed of their expiration or not.Otherwise, there are basic rules To keep your cosmetics well. Extreme conditions Too much heat or too much cold, or too much moisture, is harmful for cosmetics. The abnormal sideA color, texture or odor abnormal can mean contamination, Use of the product. Methods of preserving cosmetic productsIt is important to keep your cosmetics in a dark place: no direct exposure to the sun for example (summer in the car, on the beach in the sun, near a radiator ) Make sure that your cosmetics are not in a place that is too moist (such as a poorly insulated and / or poorly ventilated bathroom). Indeed, the moisture promotes the proliferation of bacteria and molds.Have you always hands before applying a cream (moisturizing cream, anti wrinkle cream, night cream, ...), especially on the face. In fact, hands and fingers may contaminate the cream. Where to use a spoon intended for this purpose that you disinfect Do not forget to close the cover or the cap of your product so that it is as little as possible in contact with the air. Imagine a blower of air and hair to Next to an open container .... Now here is the procedure to follow if one of your products changes texture, odor or color (Some fragrances such as vanilla, best friend, blue raspberry etc ... make change the Color of product)
1- We advise, we have no worries with this because despite all the precautions that we take contamination is always possible

2- Give us the lot number (number behind your container) so we can trace the time when the product was made. Since a sample of each batch is kept we will be able to check if contamination comes fromThe here (and so follow up on that batch) or if it occurred after opening. So we can see with the user how this has happened and how to avoid it

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