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Skin Care for pets

Argan Oil Shampoo:
Bathe you're hairless regularly, using a shampoo with Argan oil inside for regulate the sebum and prevent blackhead and acne. 
  Active ingredients: 
Argan oil - Algae Collagen - Rice protein - Vegetable Silk protein
Gentle Exfoliate:
If you notice little blackhead or dry flaky skin you can use our gentle exfoliate to help remove it. Our exfoliate are sugar base with soy scrub!
Active ingredient: 
Grape oil - Sugar - Soy scrub
Soothing lotion:
After a good bath, to prevent dryness of the skin, let's lts use a non-comedogenic moisturisers that won't block his pores. Because we know hairless can have blackhead tendancy.
For regular & sensitive skin:
The Soothing lotion
Active ingredients:
Lavender infusion - Camomille infusion - Calendula infusion - 
Avina Sativa - Shea butter
For acne tendency : 
The Regulating cream of sebum
Active ingredients:
Rosemary hydrosol - Camomille hydrosol - Bran oil
Sea Buckthorn oil - Argan oil - Aloe vera leaf  
Sun Block spray: 
It is a myth that cresteds need to be lathered in sunscreen every time they go outside. The excess lotion will block the pores, and lead to acne. Just as you would shower after a long day in the sun, to wash away the excess lotion, do the same for your crested when sunscreen is absolutely necessary.  
Active ingredients:
Vegetable Silk protein - Zinc oxide - Sea Buckthorn oil 
First Aid Gel for boboos and blackhead issue!
for cat: 
Active ingredients: 
made with sulfur oligo element and complex of a medicinal plant with calendula, rosemary hydrosol, camomille hydrosol & aloe vera fresh leaf juice
For Dog:
Active ingredients:
A complex
of medicinal plants with calendula, aloe vera leaf, essential oils of Lavendula, Litsea oil, rosemary, eucalyptus & white willow extract! 
Thank you for your trust, together we will save the planet and the oceans one grooming at a time!  
Reduce your footprint; post us your used animasoin bio clean and emptybottles!
Anima Soin Bio Canada promotes sustainable grooming, every order is handcraft on demand. In Fact, Anima Soin Bio Canada required
 7 to 10 open days for production.
From the garden to your place!

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*this offer is not available for France and Quebec!

If you are interested please e-mail us! 


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