Skunk be gone lotion & D-Skunk Shampoo How to use it!

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Your hairy baby come back with a nauseating smell? He was surprised by the skunk who took refuge under the gallery? No problem, AnimaSoinBio has the solution! First of all do not wet it! the water on the skin fixes the oil of the skunk, it will be more difficult then to get rid of the smell!

Especially do not wet your dog right away !! Do not swim before you apply the following routine:

Firstly on the area affect the first trick of the informed groomer is applied generously either cornstarch, baking soda or even chickpea flour to aborb as much skunk oil as possible, brush the excess and repeat at least twice.

Do not wet it yet even if the smell is horrible, the grains and the fresh or ground coffee distracts the nose from bad odors smell, breathe !!!

Secondly, apply generously the Skunk be gone anti-odor lotion to allow to pose as long as possible minimum 20 minutes the time that the enzymes begin to digested the oil and everything that causes the bad odors.

Third, apply D-skunk be gone shampoo and lather on the most affected area. If you have the big boy or citrus degreaser it will be wise to mix a small amount with the shampoo. Then you can moisten and shampoo all over your body. Sit 20 minutes minimum.

Repeat steps as required.
Dry dog or cat
If you still smell a little, apply the skunk be gone lotion, without rinsing. The enzymes will quietly decompose the rest of the odors.

Suggested the purchase of a bottle of anti-odor lotion to the customer that he can apply at home to continue treatment or prevent another!

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