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A perfume that is not only cruelty-free but also vegan

natural mist for your pet's coat,

Real spa care with pure, organic ingredients to energizing their soul!

Natural fragrances are complex compositions of natural aromatic raw materials such as essential oils, fractions of essential oils, isolates, exudates such as resins, distillates, extracts and volatile concentrates.

let's your pet have an olfactive SPA sensation!

For one thing, they possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to about six million in us. And the part of a dog's brain that is devoted to analyzing smells is, proportionally speaking, 40 times greater than ours.

Made with only natural & vegan fragrances

Long-lasting formula, choose over more than 120 fragrances. Enriched with Florentine flower extract, hypoallergenic, without musk, without silicone, without
phthalates, come from natural extract only. Leave soft and light fur. Here are our best sellers :

Manchurian dragon
Bahamas -berry
Mango sorbet
Vanilla Lime
Sweet pea
You sexy
green tea and white pear
Caribbean coco
Cucumber and pear
Melon-honey & ginger
Honey milk
Mountain rain
Blue raspberry
Forest rain


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Anima Soin Bio Canada promotes sustainable grooming, every order is handcraft on demand. In Fact, Anima Soin Bio Canada required 7 to 10 open days for production.
From the garden to your place!

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