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1- The Dog must be very well wet you must use first the degreaser , if you don’t own bathing system use loofa ( because you don’t need a lot of shampoo ) Degreaser will remove dirt and grease to prepare the skin to receive appropriate treatment.


Degreasing Shampoos (Always give a second shampoo afterward)

Clay degreaser: to be used as first shampoo

Degreaser Big Boy: to be used as first shampoo (more bodied and deodorant)

Degreaser with citrus fruits: local area (tenacious greasy spot ex: ear cocker)


2-Rinse half to take off the most dirt


3-We recommend to put the conditioner at this step ; you will detangle in the bath with the conditioner on ;). Organic conditioner is nature in bottle, rich in oil and actifs agents such as silk and keratin protein more you let soak in: the better result you will get !! So massages the coat to deeply nourish. Wait 10-15 minutes just the time to clean some teeth with Toothpaste, you can offer the service :)

Or allergie skin treatment such as : Sea Salt for bath or Clay Combo # 1 (oily skin and dandruff): Clay Combo # 2 (intense itching): Clay Combo # 3 (scabies, lesions, hot spot):



4-Wash with a regular shampoo or specific adapt to skin and coat condition this is another step treatment you can soak in.


Regular Shampoos:

Collagen: the universal pass (any type of hair and skin) shine and volume

Daily freshness: the standard

Hemp and safflower: The moisturizer (skin and dry coat and film) ideal on yorkshires

Argan oil: PH regulator (skin has seborical tendency)

Sweetness of near to the oats: the soothing (sensitive and irritated skin, ideal for the puppies)

Ocean breeze: remineralizing it for dull or greasy coats (film)


Specific shampoos:

Color enhancer: enhances dull colors

Polar Shine: Whitening (White Dog)

Pearl: exceptional moisturizer, wow effect (can be washed very often) Show Shampoo

Special terrier: for hard terrier hair De-shedding regulator Shampoo: for dogs has intense hairs

Odor Lotion Skunk lotion & Shampoo : eliminates most stubborn odors effectively apply on dry hair let act minimum 1h then rinse and redo shampoo


Dry shampoo: Foamy or Liquid


Aloe Seabuckthorn: tired skins, mature loss of tone (burns, sores, scars)

Aloe and neem oil: powerful antibacterial, antifungal, insect repellent, (acne, parasites, mycoses (fungus), skin infections) anti mosquito repellents


Aloe and essential oils: skin with inflammation The therapist: for any skin problem *10 plants(Soon available): all types of pathology (ideal for yeasts) Red clay: effective for inflammatory pruritus, pyoderma (excessive scratching, infected skin) Oat Clay: removes dandruff, pyoderma, dry seborrhea


Conditioners: Silky Conditioner: soft and versatile coconut oil based Revitalizing Oats: Soft and versatile Oat Enriched Tucuma Conditioner: very rich Ocean breeze conditioner: remineralizing, (dry skin, dull coat)


Lotions: Detangling and antistatic lotion: detangling and removing static Lotion of shine: very rich moisturizer based on silk protein apply before drying

Lotion tucuma: various application (before the bath, first shampoo, can be diluted with distilled water 1/10 in vaporizer before drying) attention to the fine hair and soft risk of effect fat unless diluted in the shampoo.


Spray Lotion: Spray on dry hair after drying on short hair Magic Lotion: Gives volume and perfect hold for chisel cuts


Fixative or holding spray : for lining of the finish Hair styling gel: to carve hair (mohawk style Fragrance: several fragrances


Toothpaste: for brushing teeth Fresh breath sprayer: to refresh your breath


Specific products Insecticide lotion: natural insect repellent Anti-odor lotion: made from natural enzymes to eliminate stubborn odors Ear cleaner: cream (ideal for inflammation) or liquid Eye


Cleanser: cleans eyes

Depilation powder: for the ears

Claw septic powder: to stop bleeding

Degreasing powder ( *soon avalaible) : for very fatty coat before the bath, for the absorption of excess fat


Sun protection: ideal for naked dogs


De-Shedding care cream : application before the bath, to the 1st shampoo leave to act 10-15 minutes by painting with the rake and to rinse with strong jet will help to slide the shedding to the drying


Treatment: Soothing or treating lotion: ideal for minor irritations Soothing or treating gel: treats acne and other pathologies Soothing powder: to effectively relieve itching


Sos bobo: total care anti-bacterial against all problems

Exfoliating cream: to remove blackheads Shea cream: promotes regrowth, superior


hydration Sebum Regulatory Cream: regulates the PH of the skin

Balm pads: repairs damaged pads and muzzle, protects and hydrates, can leave traces of fat on the floor.


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