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After the degreaser, First Wet well the dog, Put the cream on, massages to deeply wait 10-15 minutes, rinse, wash with De-Shedding Regulator Shampoo for better results !


1. Visual: pale yellow cream, soft and easy to apply


2. Use: on dogs, cats and horses, helps to slide the hair by its coating and smoothing action, requires good tools for rinsing as well as for drying.


3. Application: Make a degreasing shampoo first, then apply it by massaging on the areas of the back, buttocks, neck and where there is a lot of stuffing avoiding the spine, do not brush, waiting time 10-15 minutes, rinse and proceed with the shampoo of finishing, finish by rinsing thoroughly.


4. Synergy: possible to mix with tucuma lotion and for short hair ideally mix with the first shampoo will do the job and synergy also with the shampoo regulator of shedding and undercoat.


*Deeply rinse with Water.


5. Generally with moistened care it is not necessary to brush, thus preserving your arms and the skin of the animal thus decreasing the risk of irritating the skin, with a good blower, the hair will come out none difficulty.


6. It is important to explain to the client that depending on the cycle of the shedding of their animals other treatment may be in the weeks that follow.


*** Keep away from a heat source, away from the sun's rays. Shake well before use. Disinfect your pump and bottles every time you change your shampoo to avoid contamination, ***Handmade shampoos are more delicate, you should regularly check the condition of it, do not use if foul smell.



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