Technical Sheet Degreaser Shampoo: Citrus/Clay/BigBoy/ Degaisseur Agrumes,Gros Cabot, Argile

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Technical Sheet

Degreaser Shampoo: Citrus/Clay/BigBoy

By: Christine Flamand


Technical Sheet Degreaser Shampoo: To be used as First Shampoo.


These are All Gentle but Powerful degreaser

Whether it is the Clay Degreaser , the BigBoy or the Citrus all will eliminate impurities while purifying and deodorising the coat & skin for your second shampoo that will be adapted according to the needs of your client coat!



Citrus: it has been designed for specific needs for local areas like a stubborn grease spot for example! *HE inside : Dog only NO CAT


BigBoy: Powerful beyong mesure, clean and deodorize very dirty stinky dog,

*Dog only NO CAT: *HE inside


Clay, CAT SAFE : Powerful but very soft, because of clay power that shampoo is cat safe! gentle for allergie and skin issues, better use on short coat ;)




Ultra soft care that cleans thoroughly while capturing and removing impurities as well as dead cells and fatty substances. Promotes blood dermo-circulation And mind relaxation.

Detersive, detoxifies and regulates the production of sebum. He & frequent use removes the layer of wax and silicone deposited by cheep soaps and Restore the coat , and the original fur texture.




Ph adapt *Enriched with vegetal keratin, use weekly as specific professional & natural coat and skin care, all ingredients are Organics!


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