Technical Sheet Hemp & Safflower Oil/ Chanvre & Carthame

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Technical Sheet

Hemp & Safflower

By Christine Flamand

Safflower oil


PROPERTIES: Protects the hair or the fur from the free radicals responsible for their aging. Nourishes the hair or the hair and protects it from dehydration. Renowned for stimulating hair growth. Sheath the hair and hold the water in the hair fiber.


INDICATIONS: Hair loss and excess hair Dry and very damaged hair Dry and damaged tips


USES :Shampoos and masks for nourishing and protecting hair Hair oils and serums hair protection Nourishing balms, sensitive skin, minor Allergies, Minor skin scratch.


Hemp Oil Rich in omega-6 and omega-3, omegas 9, this oil restores softness and elasticity to the skin, restructures the cell membrane and combats dehydration. Very penetrating, this dry oil is very appreciated in massage.


PROPERTIES: It nourishes the hair fiber and improves the elasticity and volume of the hair. Smooth, it facilitates combing. Brings shine to the hair. Useful in case of minor allergies or itchy issue for is anti-inflammatory proprieties.


INDICATIONS: Dry and brittle hair and hair Hair and soft and dull hair Fuzzy, tangled Hair, difficult hairs


USES: Shampoos shine and beauty Conditioners and hair balms detangling Anti-Fall Hair Serums and Masks Serums and hair care for irritated scalp Nourishing and melting capillary balms

This is a Master Daily regular Shampoo for almost all breeds


Ph adapt *Enriched with vegetal keratin, use weekly as specific professional & natural coat and skin care, all ingredients are Organics & Vegan!


*** Keep away from a heat source, away from the sun's rays. Shake well before use. Disinfect your pump and bottles every time you change your shampoo to avoid contamination, ***Handmade shampoos are more delicate, you should regularly check the condition of it, do not use if foul smell.

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