Technical Sheet Ocean Breeze Shampoo / Shampoing Breeze Ocean

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Visual: Shampoo Green, Dark, rich in active Sea and Mud from the Dead Sea


The clay can descend to the bottom of the container: Shake well before use!


Indication: dogs and skin and dull hair, brittle, dry, little body, dandruff, impression that it needs a little more, has an anti-inflammatory action thus little improve pruritus in animals. Help to relief Skin infections

Directions for use: to be done after the degreasing shampoo and care either Mask or Conditioner Ocean Breeze, leave it to act a good 10 minutes, rinse well.

Contraindication: ALGEA ALLERGIE (rare)

Synergy: Ocean Breeze mask, Ocean Breeze Conditioner



*** Keep in a cool place ( but no needs fridg) ; away from a heat source, away from the sun's rays. Shake well before use. Disinfect your pump and bottles every time you change your shampoo to avoid contamination.


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