Technical Sheet - Shea Care & conditionner/ soin Karite stimule-repousse

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Maximum moisturizing treatment that acts on hair regrowth in cases of alopecia and excessive de-shed


1- Visual: creamy cream product very moisturizing. Very rich in its strong composition in shea, lecithin and other moisturizing active ingredients.


2-Indication postpartum: hair loss, excessive shedding, atypical alopecia etc.


3- after the first shampoo (preferably degreasing) applied to the hair, massage to penetrate deeply, leave to act a good 10 -15 minutes, rinse briefly and apply the appropriate shampoo, the care must be done as often as possible the first Time and subsequently space it.


4-contraindication: none


5-result convincing in 4-6 months and +


6-synergy: the shea shampoo create to be in complement.


Indication: Protective and nutritive care of all skin & coat: face, elbows, paws, hotspot ... - Protective care and beautification of the hair: dry hair, brittle, forks, frizzy hair, soft hair, dull - Satin treatment look (removal of dander) after the bath or shower - Prevention and care of stretch marks and the effects of aging on the skin

Its moisturizing, rewarding, nourishing and invigorating properties make it a precious care to protect the skin and the hair. It contains fatty acids and vitamins (A, D, E and F) that help soften and regenerate dry skin and nourish the scalp.


Method of production: Mechanical pressure of walnuts Botanical Name: Butyrospermum parkii


Culture: Wild


Main ingredients Active ingredients: Linoleic acid (omega 6); Oleic acid; Stearic acid, palmitic acid; Alpha and beta amyrine, parkeol, lupeol, butyruspémol; Alpha-spinastreol, delta-7-stigmasterol; Latex; Karitene; Vitamins K, E, A.


Properties: - Protection of the skin from the weather and the sun: absorption of UV rays (karitene), prevention against allergies to the sun (latex) - Cicatrisation and disinfection of the skin (lupeol, parkelol) - Nutrition of the skin and the coat (oleic acid, linoleic acid) - Protection of the skin against dehydration (vitamin F, lipids) - Skin regenerating, tissue revitalizing (vitamin A, vitamin E, phytosterols) - Restores elasticity to the skin and the hair (unsaponifiables and vitamin A)

Storage: Keep in a closed container, away from light and air.


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