Tucuma Butter: Shave your time without pain and sufferring

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Tucuma Butter the Ultimate grooming detangle without pain and sufferring

Did you know

Tucuma is a species of palm tree native to the Brazil from the same tree familly of Murumuru tree. Its fruits are orange-colored,

Tucuma butter is extracted from cold pressed beans, the oil/butter which is extracted from their pulp is particularly appreciated for its many nutritional qualities. Tucuma butter is therefore known for give back fiber elasticity slip and shine because of its many nourishing and moisturizing properties on the hair and skin.

By learning ancient handmade soap making techniques, AnimaSoin Bio promotes the balance of the Amazon ecosystem by buying it responsibly. It should be emphasized that AnimaSoin Bio keeps all the active agents and alive nutriements with the cold pressed butter to make luxury Conditionner and de-matting without pain !! Everything your pet desserve! 
Effects and active ingredients:

+ 60% coconut oil, sunflower oil, macadémia, tucuma butter...

Tucuma butter is particularly recommended in cases of dry skin and hair. It is known for its virtues:

moisturizing and nourishing that restore the upper layers of the epidermis;

but also

softening and softening agents;
which maintain and extend the smoothing of the frizzy hairs;

fortifying on the hair which it protects from the dryness by coating them, while nourishing them. This cladding fortifies not only the hairs but helps to slide the knots as much in the bath on wet hair as in dryer.

Good to know: Tucuma butter can be applied to all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Its properties are due to the many active ingredients contained in tucuma butter. The latter is rich in:

50% lauric acid
Myristic acid.
Oleic acid (omega 9).
Beta-carotene which has an action protecting the sun's UV rays and preventing skin aging.

Tucuma shine & act as a vegetal scilicone to help matted hair slide out !

How to Use Tucuma Butter in Grooming and get result without pain:



Find the perfect subjet who need to be treat:

2-thoroughly wet the area to be treated

3- Add mix of warm water, degreaser bigboy* and Tucuma Butter (2oz: 1Liter of water) to the matted coat. Let sit 5-10 minutes on the dog , wash out. Do a finishing Shampoo to avoid all possibly greasy effect.


4-the Tucuma will cover the hair fiber and lush all the knots


5- So you can have a nice finishing even if the dog were matted before

 So really? knots will slide out of the coat at drying blower step?
Yes it will !! These are all real picture come from our custumers!
Using by Breeder, Groomer, kennel to made grooming easy and painless just like that!!

You can also mix it to a Deshedding Shampoo or Cream:
                    Organic trick: to increase the effect '' slippery '' apply '' the magic potion '' in step 1; with a spray on wet hair before applying Tucuma ASA.

Magic potion: 1L of water + 4ss of sodium bicarbonate and 2 ss of apple cider vinegar
More Pictures at:  #tucuma_asa    
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