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Technical Sheet
Lotion Tucuma (Butter)
By Christine Flamand
Tucuma lotion describes itself as an intensive
detangling treatment.
(Better result if you do degreaser shampoo
1-Visual: very thick and malleable cream
2-Component: + 60% coconut oil, sunflower
oil, macadémia, tucuma butter and other intensives actives ingredients
3- Use: very tangled dogs or cats, very dry and lifeless hair, manes and tail of the horses.
4-Pure application on large cases (marinade 15-20 minutes) and / or diluted in 1 st shampoo due to 2
ounces of tucuma for one liter of shampoo, for a finishing spray 1 part of tucuma for 10 By water in
vaporization on dry hair.
5-Synergy: with the skin care 50-50 it increases the effect of the care and helps even more to unblock
and disentangle the large cases, ideally usable with shampoos moderately moisturizing otherwise risk
of a hair too greasy.
6- Against indication: none
7- Be careful to rinse it thoroughly and never use it as a conditioner because it is greasy.
8- In case of difficulty to remove it from the container put it in warm water to soften it.
Ph adapt *Enriched with vegetal keratin, use weekly as specific professional & natural coat and
skin care, all ingredients are Organics & Vegan!
*** Keep away from a heat source, away from the sun's rays. Shake well before use.
Disinfect your pump and bottles every time you change your shampoo to avoid
contamination, ***Handmade shampoos are more delicate, you should regularly
check the condition of it, do not use if foul smell.
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