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DeShedding care cream 500ml ( Soin Régulateur de mue)

Remove excess moult from a double-coated dog may be long and painful, especially when you have three or more Bernese Mountain Dogs in your day/pack . The use of tools like the furminator or the rake is recommended but they do not remove your back pain!

This is why AnimaSoin Bio has invented a cream to apply before the bath that mechanically dislodges the dead hair.

Let me show you:

I prefer the kit Because you will find every product you need for full deShedding. You can also mix the de-shed cream or /and the regualtor shampoo to any of your favorite soap ;) !

The best is mix the cream with the degreaser ( my trick is add a little bit of Tucuma butter to de-mat ), wait 5-10 minutes if necessary, put water let foam again to wash out the cream. When the moult detaches itself re-Do finishing shampoo. Rinse thoroughly to be sure no product left.

( Picture come from : Geny Mikette Mercier‎ , animasoin bio user)


You have to let the cream work on the skin by sit pause usually 5-10 minutes is enough !

Sometime i brush with Rubber pin brush to help the product going to reach the skin;

( Picture come from : Salon Bianca, animasoin bio user)

De-Shedding care will help to increase blood circulation, oxyganate the skin and open the skin pores the effet will help the shedding come out of the coat. We do not provoke the shedding but help to dislodge the dead hair naturally!   Groomer as to see the de-shedding shampoo like a tool to de-Shedding a double coat.

For sure good nozzel with a good water pressure will help ! but you know, sometime you don't need to spend a lot of money to be effective ;) this nozzel come from home depot and its garden nozzel ! 

(Picture from: Salon Bianca, animasoin bio user)

Don't worrie; if you dont have the time go shopping a new ose and nozzel no prob because the de-shedding cream work even with a regular nozzel: 


Most of Shedding will gone with water,


but also with dryer:

In worst case you will see that happening, so please wear a mask to protect yourself from dandruff, dead hair, mold and arcarian:

In regular coat maintenance you will deal with that:

 In any case, AnimaSoin Bio helps you make a healthy choice while improving your dog / day ratio.

You are a cat groomer ? Be Glad : The de-Shedding care can be used on cats because it contains

no essential oil:

& Yes it Will also work on horse of course!


DeShedding care kit for Dog* OR DeShedding Kit For Cat* will help you to do your job, is healthy, is vegan is eco-friendly , will left the coat clean and shinny no greasy effect, is use by more than 2000 of professionals groomers over Canada, Australia, USA and Europe. Come and joint the new eco-friendly trend.

Learn more about:

Hair Cycling And the De-Shedding care



All ingredients come from biologic culture, all preservatif is Ecocert approuve:  aqua water, sweet almond oil (prunus dulcis oil), apricot oil (prunus arminiaca), castor oil, macadémia oil (ternifola seed oil), allantoin (allantoin) colloidal oat (colloidal oats), potassium sorbate (preservative), sorbate potassium.

*Only for professional use, ask your Groomer today! For buy deShedding care kit you need to log in as a professional.

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