Horse-Analgesic & Treating fork gel / cheval gel traitant  fourchette-P

Cheval - Gel Traitant Fourchette / Analgesic & Treating Frog Gel - Horse -P

  • $28.00

Good anti-inflammatory, Help to heal and reduce the pain of any wound. Ideal for Horses & Dogs & Groomer.

This transparent gel soothes, heals, stimulates cell renewal, is anti-inflammatory, nourishes, purifies and regenerates the skin.Unique composition of many ingredients with properties:
Antibacterial, antitoxic, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-parasite

An essential in animal pharmacopoeia! with anti-yeast property, ideal for care connected to thrush!

Can be use daily 3xday to heal , all organics ingredients

A Natural & professional first care !

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