Shampoing Degaissant au citrus-P

Shampoing Degaissant au citrus-P

  • $18.00

Ultra soft care that cleans thoroughly while dislodge, capturing and removing impurities as well as dead cells and fatty substances.

Citrus: it has been designed for specific needs for local areas like a stubborn grease spot or urine stain on white coat or for example! 


Detersive, detoxifies. Frequent use removes the layer of wax and scilicone deposited by cheep soaps and restore the coat , and the original fur texture. Ph adapt .

You Will needs another shampoo after Citrus Degreaser or a Silky Conditioner.

*HE inside : Dog / Horse only NO CAT!

*Enriched with vegetal keratin, use weekly as basic professional & natural coat and skin care,  all ingredients are Organics!

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